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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Assertive behavior

Continuation from this entry;

Assertive behavior is self-enhancing.

When you express your feelings honestly, you usually achieve your goal. When you choose to behave in an assertive manner, even if your goals is not achieved, you generally feel good about yourself.

It's true that you must tailor your communication to circumstances for each new situation. Behavior that applies to some persons and circumstances does not apply to all persons or situations. 

Each situation is different. Sometimes a passive resonse is most appropriate. Sometimes, an aggresive response is meeded. Most of the time, assertiveness is the key.

The ultimate goal is to be on good terms with people. Be true to your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Avoid direct or implied criticism of the other person's thought, feeling or beliefs, and you are likely to retain the goodwill of those around you.

reference: How To Communicate With Confidence

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