bahagia atau sebaliknya...senang atau sukar..., hidup adalah untuk dinikmati...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my work

# I have made a short to do list today yet too many task to be done..
# managed to complete a few but more is coming..
#new things for today: Quality Performance Indicators Implementation Plan...
thinking and believing everything is for my professional improvement..learn it..digest it..apply it..
# current project vs new implementation plan plus day to day arising issues..huh
#contigency plan, qualification protocol, validation report, regulatory submission...lot of things to be reviewed

work is never ending story..enjoy your work everyday, everywhere.. 


Rozali said...

Assalamualaikum Norh

moga dipermudahkan segala urusan


kakchik@ella said...

menarik la keja norh. is it construction industry norh?

Eda said...

enjoy ur work..



selamat bekerjaaaa!!~~

jom join colourful contest saya..klik link ini

norh said...



Amin..trima kasih :)

norh said...


pharma industry kak.. menarik dgn mencabar.. :)

Didz said...

I missed my days of being extremely busy..
Oh, I'm in the pharmaceutical industry too but I'm doing drug QC.
Good luck to you, norh ;)

norh said...


enjoy ur work too :)

norh said...


awak juga..selamat bekerja :)

norh said...


he he still busy till today..
previously me in QC..rite now, QA..and QC alwiz part of QA..

Thanks Didz