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Thursday, December 30, 2010

boss oh boss

today..went home with a big smile.. guess what? bonus? tomorrow is holiday? promotion? 
hiks hiksss...
actually no bonus, no holiday..and not yet promotion news..
me, laughing at my boss..
so funny of you la my dear boss..he he he
just before 6pm, she sent an email that required me to stayback..
she grumbled to my best colleague..
"norh tak jumpa i hari ni"...
ha ha ha
boss, me awaiting since afternoon for your reaction..
of my kind intention today; not to disturb you at the year end hash..
i know finally you will express that statement..
don't worry boss, tomorrow i'll be in your office till you expel...

p/s: she didn't call me norh.. :P


noreed said...

boss sudah rindu tu..hehehe

norh said...

rindu ada makna..he he