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Saturday, November 27, 2010

lagi new ads by nuffnang hari ni

turn the idea of you and your buddyz into reality..
tapi aku dah tak hu

then, NESTLE
using wellness profiler
discover your attitude towards health..

my results;

Talk about a welcome boost to my lifestyle. I now know why some sessions at the ...gym aren’t working out for me. And also why I find it so hard to feel awake and alert some mornings. There are tips customised to my personality-type, so I should be seeing some positive results soon :)

he he he he



cameron highland..dah tak sejuk sangat dah..semalam pun tido tak pakai baju..

Wan Gerrard said...

wah dah banyak ads ni banyak duit mari =P

norh said...

*lukisan pena
dulu lain, skrg lain..

takde lah.. bukan ramai yg view page pun..