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Thursday, November 4, 2010

human behaviour

"Our words are often hidden containers of hidden hopes and cloudy expectations. Our silence assumes a power to communicate it does not have. Our timing tires and offends. Whenever we have expectations of others that we do not say directly, we set ourselves up for disappointment."
-Fran Ferder-

Your words and behaviour tell people who you are. Human communication and behaviour fall into three basic categories:

1. passiveness
2. aggressiveness
3. assertiveness

Passiveness is a reluctance or inability to confidently express what you think and feel.

Aggressive communication and behaviour, whether direct or indirect, results in a put-down of the person, causing hurt, defensiveness, and humiliation. Aggresive behaviour does not take the other person's goals or feelings into account.

Assertiveness is an alternative to the extremes of passiveness and aggressiveness. Assertion is rooted in respect; respect for yourself and for the other person.

reference: How To Communicate With Confidence

which category that i'm falling into?


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