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Monday, January 3, 2011

it was a rainy day

it was a rainy day;

# quoted from New Year greeting by Global MD; 

The universe that we live in, does everything effortlessly. A bud doesn't strain to blossom, water doesn't strain to flow. I feel, we should all try to adopt this great effortless design in our journey to personal and professional excellence..
(me thinking of this...)
# received this (first time ever); made by the company
(i am shocked :P ...)

# black out at offfice for a few minutes 
(is this sign of things gonna be bad this year? hey.., be positive k)
# select candidates for the new budgeted recruitment
(always wanna select the best one and hope they will keep loyal to the company but sometimes the best is not ours yet the choice is theirs..)


noreed said...

this year my opis also give planner. tak pernah diwatnya. dah bagi...amik jer lah kan.

norh said...

haah..tu yang tekejut hari ni..tak pernah2 dibuatnya.. kot2 la dibuatnya bagi bonus lebih dari biasa kan best (actually jangan nak bermimpi la)..he he

Gentleman Frog said...

salam u 2,

my ofis never give any, but they did gave us a book to write our plan on eberidey.


norh said...

*Gentleman Frog
means they like your 'notes' eberidey..he he